How Long Should the Meditator Sit?

For the beginner, it is recommended to sit not less than 30 minutes at a time.
When a sitting is nice, please stay with that sitting for as long as it lasts.
A good sitting is when the mind’s attention is able to stay on the meditation object for a period of time.
It is good to sit for progressively longer periods of time and not worry about becoming attached to the sitting.
The only way one becomes attached is by thinking about and not using the 6R’s in the correct manner.
The 180 Anapanasati Sutta
There is nothing wrong in sitting for long periods of time as long as the meditator does not hurt themselves physically and they have enough exercise.
Sitting for one or 2 or 3 hours is okay only if one is prepared to sit down well for such long hours.
It is never good to push oneself or use force in order to sit for long periods of time.
The meditator must remember that this is a natural process and trying to sit for too long can cause physical problems when one is pushing too hard.
If one sits in a particular way that causes pain to arise every time, then they are causing themselves unnecessary physical discomfort.
Please don’t sit in that position again.
Please adjust your body position.