“I entered Silence a thousand times before I saw the face of True Silence.”

Meditation is a natural state of mind.
It is purely mental activity.
The main goal in meditation is to determine contact with the Divine inside – the waking up of the Divine Consciousness inside. The main purpose in meditation is for the activated life-force to try to its purification work.
Meditation isn’t a apply that one will grasp and become good night long.
You have created a starting in meditation the terribly 1st instance that you simply shut your eyes to create contact with the Divine inside.
Once you’ve got learned to show inward to create contact with the Divine inside, you become the person of Its activity and expression in order that you’ll draw your good from the Divine within.
As people awaken generally, more and more are viewing meditation scientifically rather than as a mysterious exercise practiced by so-called mystics.
Do not be discouraged even though you appear to be creating no progress within the early stage of meditation. With apply and perseverance, you’ll progress and will even master the art of meditation in due course.
Regardless of what number years you’ve got been active meditation, you may notice that it’s a beautiful, personal, on-going adventure with unlimited possibilities.
Meditation isn’t puzzling over one thing as many of us are amiss.
It is a process of seeking Truth, of understanding ourselves better and of turning all our emotions into the calmness of meditation.
To do this we need to go very deeply into meditation, graduating from an infantile to an advanced stage.
In the early stage of meditation, we attempt to realize stillness and tranquility and to be terribly quiet and relaxed, and perhaps follow simple instructions in the form of guided meditation.
But as we refine our meditation, we begin to realize that meditation is more than just relaxing and observing and dealing with our feelings, thoughts, emotions, and experiences. We realize that it is a process of seeking the truth of things.
Some individuals apply intense concentration once starting meditation, differents might use a mental image or the intonation of mantras or other practices to assist them to develop stillness and concentration.
Meditation may be a method that heightens specific styles of sensitivity. In meditation, we go inwards.
To go inward in meditation is to travel to the supply of our being, to travel into the pure state.
In meditation we still our mind to bring about inner awareness and oneness with a powerful, harmonious Force which we can recognize as quite apart from ourselves and our environment.
It should be created completely clear that at no stage is meditation a method of escaping this world. Instead, it is an experience we go through to contact our own Inner Being – the Divine within.
The minute we tend to relax our body and mind utterly, deeply and ad libitum, meditation commence. And when we let go and relax fully, and enter into the silence within our inner mind, we are engaged in the process called meditation.
When we tend to hear the inner silence inside the United States of America we merely stay silent with none expectation, while not anxiety concerning the result, while not attempting to understand or interpret something.
When we enter into the silence of the inner mind, we enter into a vast openness; we enter into a silence that is not the absence of sound. Neither is the silence free from distraction. This silence is the presence of the awareness of the mind.
Meditation is not emptying your head.
It is concentrating on the contemplation of the Divine. If you persist, the quality of life will change for the better.
You will feel peace, AN inner calm, AN unchanging force, and a certitude within yourself.
When meditation deepens, it will move naturally into a level where one can experience its state of reality.
Concentration is a more active state.
Concentration is the capability to focus one’s attention at one purpose.
It is more difficult than meditation.
One will concentrate whereas meditating however this is often a mental perform and not a religious one.
If you’ve got the capability to concentrate, your meditation will be easier but one can meditate without concentrating. Many follow a series of ideas in their meditation. This is meditation, not concentration.
Thus, in meditation one are often concerned in several things, whereas in concentration, one always gathers oneself at one point.
Hence meditation is a more relaxed action and therefore less tense than concentration.
The method of gazing at AN object or at some extent may be a very fashionable one utilized in total concentration whereas meditation may be a specific partial concentration of thought.
In times of yore, as well as today, people everywhere had and have their particular kind of meditation.
The details of the application might vary or take issue however the premise of meditation is analogous. It perpetually involves a special mode of mental activity and concentration.
When one is ready to meditate properly, one doesn’t fix one’s mind on something, since there’s nothing to concentrate on.